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FisherNice, 44

I am looking for a younger man who wants to be totally dominated in bed. Don't message me looking for a gentle hand. I want to own you all night.

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UpDownLeftRight, 35

I'm ready for anything at least once. If you're the kind of guy who likes to go out into the wild and have an adventure you should join me. I'm always in the need of a hiking buddy.

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MrToad, 32

I like to think of myself as an art buff, I even work in a museum. If you want to go for cocktails and then hit up a local gallery, you should shoot me a message tonight.

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I wasn't looking for something that would take a lot of time. I really just wanted to have fun with some local gays and get some meaningful social interactions. That's why I tried and I could not recommend it more highly. Not only is the sex amazing, but the friends I've made aren't bad either. See for yourself how well it works!
The club and bar scene is worthless in my town. I'm not into the noise and I just wanted to get some fun out of my system. I've been video chatting with this total silver fox I met on I don't care that he's 40; he's everything I have ever wanted. I can't wait for our first in person date.
Bears Bears Bears. It's what I wanted from an adult dating website and I was always coming up short. When I finally find it was like a light went off. I found exactly what my sex and dating life had been missing. Now I'm going on the best dates I've ever had. Even when I am staying in I'm chatting up amazing guys. It's great!
I'm not the sort of guy who is going to get hyper romantic about anything. What I want isn't romance. It's sex without any strings or expectations. I was worried that I was going to have to sift through desperate losers to get the sex I wanted. That's not the case on Every dude I've been with is a 10.
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SixteenCandles, 27

I'm the kind of guy that works hard and plays harder. I'm not looking for love, but if you want a night of passion I'm here for you. Shoot me a message and let's make magic.

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TalkToTheHand, 20

If you're in the mood to teach a young man how to get down, message me. I'm young, wild and I'm waiting to please an older man who is ready to break me down.

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RedDeadTed, 34

Let's hang out! I'm a laid back sort of guy who is really looking for great conversation. If it goes somewhere else, that's cool too. Shoot me a message and let's meet up.

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