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SpaaaaceGhost, 35

I love women, full stop. My idea of a perfect night is one where you're not able to use words in your native language. Let me make you incoherent tonight!

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JustSteve, 25

When you're looking for a guy to hang out with and make a great meal, you've found him. I love cooking and spoiling the women I date with five star meals.

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WittyName, 29

When I date a woman I want to show her a true man's man. Let me open your doors and treat you like the princess you really are. I want to spoil you tonight.

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Fedoradlover, 23

I don't like to brag, but I'm smarter than most guys. If you're a woman who likes to hang out and play games or hit up the local comic shop, shoot me a message and we can hang out.

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RobotBoy, 28

I'm into tech and gadgets, it's a nerdy hobby but I love how things work. I also will take the time to find out what makes you tick. Let's hang out and see where it goes tonight.

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KGroupie, 27

I'm a punk rocker at heart and need a woman who is into the scene. Do you want to hit up a show and stay up till 3am some nights? If that sounds fun then I'm your man.

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