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I am a 24 years old straight single man living in Providence, Rhode Island

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hmm, well i don`t like these things because i don`t know how what to say about myself but anyways my name is Dustin, i will be living in Providence, RI in October, and will be attending New England Tech for Automotive Engineering. I love comedy movies and action movies some times horror depending if i feel like watching them. I also love!!! muscle cars i have been playing around with muscle cars since i was 7 and when my father passed away i took on his dream at the age of 9 to build cars. I'm a romantic and i like a girl that is equally lovable, i know that every girl out there has heard that this line " i will never cheat on you sweetie" well i have never in my life cheated, but i have been cheated on and thats the reason why i do not cheat. Another thing that i like to do is treat that special girl with respect and plenty of love, i will do anything to get her to a happy state and will try new things if she wants! soooo... thats me =]

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